A Tangled Web

Patchwork is the buzz-word. One could also call it family „hotch-potch“.

These days the Hafer-Borkmanns are a perfectly normal family. Sarah Borkmann is a doctor and is happily married to Rainer, a lawyer. They have three children. That is to say, they actually only have one – Severin. Florian is Rainer’s son, and Anna is the product of Sarah’s first marriage. Besides Rainer she also has another father, Helmut Hafer, a regular guest at the Hafer-Borkmann‘s. Max, his father, shares a joint surgery with Sarah, his ex-daughter-in-law.

Sarah, Rainer, Helmut, Max, Florian, Anna, Severin – and there are more to come. Chaos certainly prevails when Sarah’s parents, Esther and Fritz, come to visit. And it is only natural that Anna, Florian and Severin take advantage of the tangled family constellation. Sometimes it can be quite useful to have two fathers...

Also available: Eps 27 - 52 in 25 min. German version; 39 x 50 min. French version