Racko - No Better Friend!

12-year old Flori and his mother live in an apartment building in Leipzig. When his grandfather dies and leaves him a farm in Bavaria and a dog named Racko, things start to change pretty quickly.

Flori Wiesner had never met his grandfather or his grandfather's dog Racko, but for some reason Racko singled Flori out as his new master on the day they first met, the day his grandfather died. When the will was read, Flori and his mother were shocked to discover that he Flori was the sole heir to the Wiesner farm subject to the condition that the 12-year old look after Racko! A Leipzig apartment building is no place for a Bavarian farm dog but could Flori and his mother really give up their lives to go and live on a farm? After attempting (very unsuccessfully) to relocate Racko to the city, mother and son decide to move to the rural idyll that was his mother’s childhood home. Perhaps they can make a go of it? However, the profit-driven construction developer Joseph Angerer has long had his eye on the Wiesner land and he’s not the type to give up without a fight....

A contemporary family story starring a loyal four-legged friend set against the picturesque backdrop of the Alps. It has been a long time coming but now finally this generation has an animal hero of its own that the whole family will love.