Adventurers on Adrenalin

Sometimes what's local can also be global! A leading light in a very country-specific sport yearns to measure himself against his peers – worldwide. Together with his highly entertaining friend he sets out on a journey on which the two discover that no matter how remote the country or different the people, there are always ties that bind us.

A leading light in a highly unusual country-specific sport yearns to measure himself against his peers – worldwide. So, he and his friend embark on a sporting tour of the world. Both are curious people and proud representatives of their tradition, looking to discover similar, related traditions abroad. This travel documentary differs from most in that it views foreign countries from an unusual and unfamiliar perspective.

For example, we learn that the martial art native to Switzerland called “Schwingen” or Swiss wrestling also has "relations" in Mongolia ("Bökh"), in Gambia ("lutte sénégalaise") and India ("Kusthi"). We learn that yodeling, so often associated with Switzerland, is a global tradition practiced by peoples as far apart as the pygmies of sub-Saharan Africa and the Sami in Finland. The aim of the show is for this sporting master to compete against the local heroes. On the way, however, the pair discover and learn about the foreign cultures they encounter. They come to see these cultures from the perspective of the shared and related customs and discover that the things that bind us and our many commonalities often outweigh the differences. In the end, they get to know real people and make real friendships.

A famous local hero takes the viewers on a very special type of journey, broadening their world view in a most unexpected and entertaining manner. Together with the two protagonists, we experience the most varied of cultures on a truly human level.