Zenith - Supercharged Family

Boris and Fay find out Mom and Dad have replaced themselves with robots to get a grip on their family live - but then the kids decide they like the roboparents better. When the parents get second thoughts, the robots lock them in the attic...

14-year-old Fay and her little brother Boris discover, that their parents have replaced themselves with robots - robots that look exactly like their parents, Claudia and Joost, produced in ZENITH headquarters. Both have very busy jobs and no matter how hard they try they can’t combine it with making time for their children.
Fay’s vast computer knowledge helps them hack the robots and turn off the Zenith-system, so that the robot parents are free. The siblings need to teach them a lot of things and soon realize they can make their new “parents” do whatever they want them to do, like use them to gain popularity at school or help them fight bullies. But it all starts getting out of hand: since the robots aren’t under supervision anymore they start gaining a will of their own - they have developed feelings for ‘their’ kids and now want to continue living their “lives”, as Fay´s and Boris´parents - no matter what.

For the first time this dysfunctional and chaotic, but “real” family must join their forces to battle the robots. They discover that they need each other and there is nothing they can’t overcome when they work together…but can they find and use the stone that brings the robots to life?

Zenith is a comical and exciting youth series, bringing up-to-date entertainment to the whole family: a hacker girl, a namby-pampy warrior of 10 years and two overstrained parents have to fight their way back to a normal family life. A captivating storytelling, produced from the Dutch production company Lemming Film with a proven track record of delivering high quality TV series, guarantee a successful and to-be-favoured kids program.


Nominated for Rocki Awards at BANFF 2018