The Christmas Family - In the Land of the Elves

Eight-year-old Hugo accidently destroys his elf-friend Pixy's magic crystal ball. To save him from getting old ever faster, he and his siblings must travel to Elf Land and put the crystal ball together again. There, however, many unexpected obstacles arise...


Brimming with Magic, Humor and featuring a high-stake race against time, the sequel to "Christmas Family" is an enchanting Christmas movie for the entire family again. Pelle Krusbæk stars as Hugo, who began his career in Thomas Vinterberg's Oscar-nominated "The Hunt". Oscar-nominated (short film) producer Thomas Lydholm delivers.


"A terrific story with elves, Christmas spirit and good laughs - "The Christmas Family - in the Land of Elves" has it all."
A Christmas Box Office hit: the 4th most successful movie at the Danish box office in 2016

The Christmas Family is thrilled when little elf Pixy shows up at their home again in December. He has come to pick up the hat he forgot last year and in which he also hides a dear secret - his magic crystal ball. As fate would have it, Hugo, youngest son of the Christmas family, accidently destroys Pixy's ball, making Pixy lose all his Elf magic and causing him to grow older very fast. Since the ball can only be put together again by the person who destroyed it in the Secret Pot, Hugo and his siblings must fly to the magic Elf Land and try to save Pixy. They hide in a small Elf town with Pixy's flock, as elves do not all necessarily like people...  Trouble doubles when they fall into the hands of Elf Evol and his ruthless gang, who want to destroy Christmas, turn Hugo's brother Alfred into a reindeer and make his sister Vega fall hopelessly in love with Evol. The entire mission is in danger now. Will Hugo and his friends overcome the obstacles and put the magic ball together again in time to safe Pixy?