Violetta, a curious and cheeky fairy, smuggles herself into the human world. By chance, she meets twelve-year-old Maxie, who feels lost in the city and whose biggest wish is to return to the countryside. The two brave heroines strike a secret deal. But things turn upside down and they find themselves in a thrilling race against time and in an adventure bigger than life.

MY FAIRY TROUBLEMAKER is a suspenseful, charming and high-end 3D animated feature film, produced by Fabrique d'Images Luxembourg, ("Ooops! Noah is Gone…" and "Luis and the Aliens"), Ella Filmproduktion and SERU Animation. The screenplay is full of action, humour, magic and heart, making us laugh about our little weaknesses and showing that, with a real friend, everything is possible. Great entertainment for the whole family!

Planned delivery: Q3 2022