Alaska - Exploring the Wilderness

Alaska truly is the last frontier. The state offers an impressive, natural landscape and the means to explore it in comfort and style.

Alaska is often called "the last frontier", and truly the wilderness here starts right at the edge of town. Towns in Alaska always have a very special atmosphere; it is almost as if you can still feel the energy of the adventurers and gold prospectors who once lived here. Anchorage, the only city in Alaska, is the starting point for most who visit the most northerly state in the Union.

From here, you can set off into the fascinating wilds of Alaska, in the comfort of a train along the Alaska Railroad or a hydroplane for those aerial views. These modes of transport will even take you to the most remote corner of the state and, with a little luck, you may get to see a grizzly bear hunting for food. Traveling by ship along Alaska's wild coastline, exploring stunning bays in which mighty glaciers calve, also offers an impressive prospect.