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  • Gloomy Sunday

    a film by Rolf Schübel

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Budapest in the thirties. The restaurant owner Laszlo hires the pianist András to play in his restaurant. Both men fall in love with the beautiful waitress Ilona who inspires András to his only composition. His song of Gloomy Sunday is, at first, loved and then feared, for its melancholic melody triggers off a chain...
    • Joachim Król, Stefano...
    • Richard Schöps
    • Germany, 1999
    • German, English
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    Enlightenment Guaranteed

    a film by Doris Dörrie

    Two Brothers want to get their screwed-up lives together by going to Japan for a retreat in a Zen monastery. Enroute their midlife crises turns into  a midnight crises when they get lost in Tokyo´s neon jungle and can´t find the way back to their hotel. It´s down and out in Asia´s brave new world. With no papers,...
    • Uwe Ochsenknecht,...
    • Comedy
    • Franz X. Gernstl
    • Germany, 1999
    • German, English
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    Scream before I kill you!

    a film by Robert Sigl

    It is the night of high-school graduation, and Nina, Anne, Philip, Tom and his sister Eva are working on the last-minute preparations for the customary graduation party and pranks in their school building. But someone is stalking the corridors of their high-school. And a mysterious masked harlequin...
    • Katharina...
    • Thriller/Crime
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, English, French
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    a film by Peter Keglevic

    Die ehrgeizige Medizinstudentin Karin Schmidt (Floria­ne Daniel) will in die Fußstapfen ihres ver­storb­en­­en Vaters treten und Chirurgin werden. Niemand weiß, daß die ernsthafte junge Frau ein Doppel­leben führt: Um sich die teure Ausbildung zu finanzieren, hat Karin einen festen Freier, Helmut Baum...
    • Floriane Daniel,...
    • Action/Adventure
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    The Trucker and the Thief

    a film by Raoul W. Heimrich , Hermann Joha

    Former prize gymnast Li becomes a partner in crime because she owes her former co-athlete Kora a favor: The two women acrobats break into the Berlin customs office, where a valuable artwork is stored in the safe. Little do they realize that they are not the only ones interested in the contents of the...
    • Sven Martinek, Yvonne...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, English, French
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    Florian - Unconditional Love

    a film by Dominique E. Othenin-Girard

    Trouble in paradise: The happy Bachmann family is thrown into turmoil when it comes out that Peter Bachmann has an illegitimate son in India. Seven-year-old Florian is the product of an affair he had with third world angel of mercy Elisabeth long ago. Now Elisabeth has passed away, leaving the Bachmanns...
    • Timothy Peach,Bojana...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, English, French
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    Glory Days

    a film by Johannes Fabrick

    Fortune smiles on sunshine boy Jan Evers: The handsome athlete has a career as a sports instructor lined up along with his marriage to the beautiful Sandra. But disaster strikes on their wedding night: During a daring dance move, Jan takes a bad fall, injuring his spine and crippling him for life....
    • Mark Keller ,Sophie...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Super Single

    a film by Sharon von Wietersheim

    Everyone is single at some time in his or her life. In this comedy an array of “super singles” run through the whole gamut of turbulent and confusing emotions. Alexa, 29 years old and editor of a Munich life-style magazine, turns out one article after another about unfaithful men, chaotic relationships...
    • Ann-Kathrin Kramer,...
    • Comedy
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    a film by Karola Meeder

    Everyone Loves Titus, but his brilliant inventions drive everyone crazy. While other boys his age spend their time playing ball or climbing trees, genius inventor Titus has just one thing on his mind: Trouble. Whether it be a tracking system for his pet turtle Gorgonzola or measuring his dog Amsterdam's brain...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Power Women

    a film by Ulrich König

    • Tina Ruland, Hardy...
    • Comedy
    • Regina Ziegler...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Annaluise & Anton

    a film by Caroline Link

    Annaluise (10) and Anton (11) are best friends although they are from totally opposite backgrounds - Anton, very poor with a sick mother, works evenings in a crazy ice-cream parlour to support her and falls asleep in school thus being threatened with expulsion. Annaluise, nick-named Dotsy, wants to help him and...
    • Elea Geissler, Max...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Jimmy the kid

    a film by Wolfgang Dickmann

    Somewhere in the Ruhr region: Dortmunder, an experienced burglar, forms a gang of unlikely but likeable criminals along with his girlfriend Charlie, the dreamer Kelp, the car expert Mšrsch and his ingenious taxi-driver mother. They have had a bad run of luck, which should take a turn for the better as Kelp finds a...
    • Herbert Knaup, Rufus...
    • Comedy
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    a film by Hans-Christian Schmid

    The movie's plot is based on the true story of a group of young computer hackers from Hannover, Germany. In the late 1980s the orphaned Karl Koch invests his heritage in a flat and a home computer. At first he dials up to bulletin boards to discuss conspiracy theories inspired by his favorite novel, R.A. Wilson's...
    • August Diehl, Fabian...
    • Drama
    • Jakob Claussen,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Angel Express

    a film by Rolf Peter Kahl

    Angel Express is a film about people restlessly seeking for the ulitmate experience. Set in late-nineties Berlin, it shows images of radical change: Young urban heroes in the glare of flashlights; an environment in which coldness and affection or lust for power and friendship go hand in hand. Types like the hooker...
    • Chris Hohenester,...
    • Drama
    • Rolf Peter Kahl
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Bang Boom Bang - A Sure Thing

    a film by Peter Thorwarth

    Keek has been leading a comfortable life for some years on the money from a burglary which actually belongs to his mate Kalle, who is serving time in prison. When Kalle finds out that his wife Manuela is double-crossing him, he swears revenge and breaks out. From this point on, everything takes on an almost...
    • Oliver Korritke,...
    • Christian Becker,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Four for Venice

    a film by Vivian Naefe

    Vivacious but totally under stress from the struggle for survival, Eva wins the bread as a barmaid for herself and family - her husband Luis, an unsuccessful artist, son Florian and daughter Rosa. As she earns that her husband has just vanished to Venice on a secret rendezvous with Charlotte, an elegant patron of...
    • Heino Ferch, Aglaia...
    • Comedy
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    In Heaven

    a film by Michael Bindlechner

    Csiwi has just begun to wonder about his place in the world, and the direction he should be heading in, when two people enter his life: Levi and Valeska, two signposts pointing in opposite directions. Levi is already tired of being on the movie and longs for a place of rest, somewhere that will allow him to escape...
    • Sylvie Testud, Xaver...
    • Drama
    • Michael Bindlechner,...
    • Austria, 1998
    • German
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    Mrs. Rettich, Czerny and me

    a film by Markus Imboden

    The romantic comedy centres on three women who set off for sunny Spain, each in search of her own happiness: the first one is newly pregnant and wants to marry her Spanish lover in Barcelona, the second is love sick and wants to forget the man she had worshipped in secret, and the third woman wants to have a good...
    • Iris Berben, Martina...
    • Comedy
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Our island in the south Pacific

    a film by Thomas Bahmann

    Albert is a successful, upwardly-mobile young executive. He seems to have everything it takes: an attractive wife, a pretty daughter, good friends and a smart home in the leafy suburbs. When Albert falls victim to an investment fraud, his idyll is destroyed overnight. He loses his money, his career prospects are up...
    • Herbert Knaup, Andrea...
    • Comedy
    • Thomas Häberle,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    The Giraffe

    a film by Dani Levy

    An elderly Jewish woman is found dead in the corridor of a New York hotel. Her son, David (Dani Levy), meets a young set-designer, Lena Katz (Maria Schrader) who appears to be involved in the mysterious circumstances of his mother's death. In the course of their investigation, a mutual attraction grows, but the...
    • Maria Schrader, Dani...
    • Stefan Arndt
    • Germany, Switzerland,...
    • English
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    a film by Klaus Emmerich, Hans Noever

    This thrilling series focuses on the young, ambitious journalist Azade Celik and her older, more experienced colleague, the press photographer Pit “Piwi” Wilkens. Both work for TNT, a committed weekly magazine with a large circulation and liberal pretensions. In their articles they always deal with highly topical...
    • Renan Demirkan,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    In Deep Water

    a film by Sigi Rothemund

    The very thought is horrifying: what if a gigantic glacier broke away from the Arctic and suddenly began drifting south... It could mean a tidal wave that would slam into Norway and Britain and sweep across the Dutch and German coasts, destroying hundreds of towns and cities. When Greenpeace realizes that this...
    • Leslie Malton, Peter...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    The German Bronx

    a film by Ilse Hofmann, Christian Görlitz, Lars Kraume, Matthias Glasner, Hans Schönherr, Rüdiger Nüchtern, Axel de Roche, Arend Agthe

    The German Bronx The part of Hamburg called Wilhelmsburg, the "German bronx", is a melting pot and residence of the socially disadvantaged people. Here the police have to persecute pick pockets and drug dealers as much as murderers. In order to fight the increasing crime rate, the police authorities decide to set...
    • Muriel Baumeister,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Mobbing Girls 13 x 25'

    a film by Richard Huber, Wolfgang Münstermann

    Pay a visit to the ladies of the Quickborn company’s mail-order department and you’ll know what it’s like to be on a wild-animal safari without a gun! Or to charm a basketful of cobras with a flute… In this outrageous comedy series, anyone who enters the realm of the Quickborn “grrrls” must be armed to the teeth,...
    • Ingrid van Bergen,...
    • Comedy
    • Stephan Bechtle
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, English
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    Death run

    a film by Curt Faudon

    Four old friends reluctantly agree to go on a dangerous ski tour. It soon becomes clear that they do not know each other as well as they thought and that each has his own private motives for going on the trip. The charming, athletic Jean-Phillipe suffers form a terminal disease and looks for a way to die with...
    • Thomas Heinze, Rupert...
    • Dieter Pochlatko,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French