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    10-year-old boisterous Maxie can’t believe her eyes when lovely, little, funky fairy Violetta turns up in her bedroom. With her help, Maxie sees her big dream come true: to return to her grandmother’s house in the countryside. But soon it turns out that Violetta is a magical washout suffering from a serious...
    • Animation
    • Germany, 2020
    • English
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    Ooops! The Adventure continues (3D)

    a film by Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack

    The young Nestrian Finny and his best mate Leah, a Grymp, accidently fall of the ark and are swept out to sea. Out on their own on a raft, they get separated by a storm. While Finny finds a whole colony of Nestrians under water, Leah lands on a beautiful island. If only the newfound land wouldn’t shake that...
    • Animation
    • Ulysses, Fabrique...
    • Germany, Ireland,...
    • English
  • Bayala (3D)

    a film by Aina Järvine, Federico Milella

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    As the dragons have almost disappeared from the kingdom of Bayala, the magic powers of the elves are weakening. The elf princesses Sera and Surah are thrilled when they discover they have the key to save the world in their hands: a dragon egg! Now the sisters must reach the dragon hills and they embark on an...
    • Animation
    • Emely Christians,...
    • Germany, Luxembourg,...
    • English
  • Luis and the Aliens (3D)

    a film by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, Sean McCormack

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    12-year-old Luis makes friends with three awkward little aliens who crash their little spaceship nearby Luis' house. In return for Luis’ help finding the home shopping channel stuff they came for, they try to save Luis from boarding school – and a tumultuous adventure takes its course. An extraordinary...
    • Animation
    • Emely Christians,...
    • Germany, Luxembourg,...
    • English
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    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Calicut, India, 1548. In a thrilling adventure, a shy spice-merchant’s son, a wise Indian elephant and a spunky Austrian princess team up to escape the clutches of a possessive prince. During their amazing journey from India to Europe and back again, they have to face their fears and ultimately become best...
    • Animation
    • Roland Junker,...
    • Germany, 2018
    • English
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    Marnie's World (3D)

    a film by Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein

    Available in High Definition
    Spoiled house cat Marnie is lured into a secret agent job that finally brings her out on the streets. She teams up with a bunch of runaway animals – a donkey, a dog and a rooster – to track down a gang of notorious thieves. A high-profile 3D animation feature film about a smart cat and her quirky friends who...
    • Upcoming
    • Jan Bonath
    • Germany, 2017
    • English
  • Luther And I

    a film by Julia von Heinz

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Katharina von Bora entered the annals of history as a runaway nun, a successful business woman, the quick-witted wife of the Reformer Martin Luther and mother of six children. A gripping drama about an exceptionally strong woman, far ahead of her time, faithfully visualized in this opulent event movie commemorating...
    • Karoline Schuch,...
    • Germany, 2017
    • German, English
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    Man Divided

    a film by Max Kestner

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    2095. The world is flooded. Fang Rung, the dedicated Head of Copenhagen's Secret Intelligence sends his time-travel alter ego back to the year 2017 to save the world, only to realize the mission may endanger his future world just as much. A race through time begins.This thrilling sci-fi-drama is the first Feature...
    • Carsten Bjørnlund,...
    • Birgitte Skov
    • Denmark, 2017
    • Danish, English
  • Welcome to Hindafing

    a film by Boris Kunz

    High Definition 1080i
    This series follows the rise and fall of ballsy provincial mayor Alfons Zischl and his fictional village of Hindafing, deep in the Bavarian backwoods – far from any touristy clichés – a place neither urban nor rustic, pretending to be much hipper than it actually is.The residents of Hindafing see themselves as...
    • Maximilian Brückner,...
    • Germany, 2017
    • German, English
  • AMAR

    a film by Esteban Crespo

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Laura and Carlos love each other as if each day were their last. Driven by the desire to determine her own life and break free from her mother’s control, Laura dreams of getting pregnant. Both search for their place in the world but one year later, grown up quite a bit, their deep passion is a memory.  “AMAR” is...
    • Maria Pedraza, Pol...
    • Stefan Schmitz, Maria...
    • Argentina, Spain, 2017
    • Spanish, English
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    My Brother Simple

    a film by Markus Goller

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Ben and his brother have been best buddies for as long as he can remember. Although "Simple", who is now 22, has stayed at the mental age of a three-year-old. When their mother unexpectedly dies, Simple shall be sent to a home. The brothers go on a crazy odyssey to find their father they last saw 15 years ago…Based...
    • David Kross,...
    • Michael Lehmann
    • Germany, 2017
    • German, English
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    a film by Sahim Omar Kalifa

    Kurdish shepherd's wife Havin, accused of having an affair by her in-laws, flees to Belgium with her 9-year-old daughter. Her husband Zagros, believing in his wife’s innocence and defying his father, follows them to the West, only to be plagued by doubts once there… Zagros is a young shepherd who lives in a...
    • Feyyaz Duman, Suat...
    • Upcoming
    • Dries Phlypo
    • Belgium, 2017
    • Kurdish, Dutch, English
  • Halal for Beginners

    a film by Conor McDermottroe

    Partly based on true events, this warm-hearted comedy about Ireland’s first Halal meat factory tells the story of young Muslim Raghdan Aziz trying to find his place in the world of small town Sligo. While managing a rundown abattoir, he stumbles through cultural chaos and generational conflicts, dealing with...
    • Sarah Bolger, Art...
    • Current Line-Up
    • Hermann Florin,...
    • Ireland, Germany, 2017
    • English
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    In My Enemy's House (2 x 90 min)

    a film by Nikolai Müllerschön

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    A German official loses his family to a terrorist attack, then meets the killer's daughter, intending to confront her. When the situation escalates, they're both forced to flee together, forming a reluctant, fateful team.Frank Hennings loses his wife and daughter to a bombing in the middle of Berlin. In his grief...
    • Heiner Lauterbach,...
    • Germany, 2017
    • German, English
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    Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait

    a film by Pappi Corsicato

    A mesmerizing portrait of Julian Schnabel, one of the most eclectic, iconic New York artists, a Oscar-nominated filmmaker, a father and family man, including commentary from family, friends and fellow travellers such as Al Pacino, Willem Dafoe, Bono, Emmanuelle Seigner, Vito Schnabel. Acclaimed director Pappi...
    • Julian Schnabel
    • Current Line-Up
    • Riccardo Scamarcio
    • Italy, 2017
    • English

    a film by Urszula Antoniak

    Michael, a young Polish immigrant and successful lawyer in Berlin, is visited by his estranged father from Poland. His father’s lack of love might have been the  reason behind Michael’s decision to emigrate. The weekend together is supposed to close the past, though it opens an old wound.  After his father’s...
    • Jakub Gierszał,...
    • Floor Onrust; Łukasz...
    • Poland, Germany, 2017
    • German, Polish, English
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    Capt’n Sharky

    a film by Hubert Weiland

    Pint-sized swashbuckler Capt'n Sharky thinks he’s the most dangerous pirate on the Seven Seas. To prove his bravery, he sets sail with Mikey, a well-behaved boy whose life Sharky has turned upside down, and Bonnie, a trouble-shooting girl who tends to assume command in every situation. Together, this motley crew...
    • Germany, 2017
    • English, German

    a film by Sven Unterwaldt

    A divorce on friendly terms - but who has to take the kids? In IT'S YOUR TURN, HONEY! a father and a mother fight a War of the Roses over who has to take custody of the kids.    Comedy vet Sven Unterwaldt ("Mommy, I Shrunk my Teacher", "Otto's Eleven", "7 Dwarves") directed “It’s Your Turn Honey” as a dark satire...
    • Carolin Kebekus,...
    • Marc Conrad
    • Germany, 2017
    • German
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    a film by Atle Knudsen, Tonje Voreland

    High Definition 1080i
    In the fictitious town of Bekkebakken, conformity is a virtue and all things otherwordly are frowned upon. Twelve year old Lars, half zombie, and his just as special friends with certain supernatural characteristics, have a series of strange adventures suppressing their true natures in order to fit in.  Zombies,...
    • Leonard Valestrand...
    • Tordenfilm
    • Norway, 2017
    • Norwegian, English
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    Doctors with Side Effects

    a film by Peter Stauch

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Sometimes it takes a miracle for opposites to attract: After a near-death experience, physician and adrenaline junkie Fabian and natural healer Janne fall for each other. Country doctor Fabian, a passionate wingsuit jumper with a need for speed reluctantly goes to the acupuncture workshop he needs to take to keep...
    • David Rott, Anne...
    • Bavaria...
    • Germany, 2017
    • German, English
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    Getting Rid of Mom

    a film by Franziska Buch

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    When Susanne is stuck with her difficult mom on vacation, she decides to stick her in a Thai old age home – and leave her there. But her mom the diva isn’t having any of it... Susanne Neuendorff’s life is turned upside down when her egomaniacal 72-year-old mother Anneliese shows up at her door, needing someone to...
    • Hannelore Elsner,...
    • Germany, 2017
    • German, English
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    Nothing Left to Lose

    a film by Daniel Harrich

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    When pharma dealer Günther Kompalla finds out he only has months to live, he sets out to make up to his daughter and to uncover a huge corruption scandal.   Günther Kompalla, the owner of prospering pharmaceuticals dealership KompaPharm, is diagnosed with cancer and only has a few months to live. He wants to...
    • Heiner Lauterbach,...
    • Danuta...
    • Germany, 2017
    • German, English
  • Luna's Revenge

    a film by Kahled Kaissar

    When Luna’s family is killed in cold blood on a mountain vacation, she barely escapes, and has  to discover she’s been living a lie: Her dad was a Russian secret agent, and her family was just a front. Luna has the opportunity to flee the country. But first she wants revenge...Inspired by the true story of a Russian...
    • Lisa Vicari, Carlo...
    • Kahled Kaissar
    • Germany, 2017
    • German
  • Tel_1246024_s_00_xx_content_tile
    On their class trip, Mia and Benny investigate a mysterious curse. Did farm boy Luca bring the curse of the Black King on his family when he was trying to find the fabled hoard? Together they uncover an evil plot…An action-packed, daring adventure in which clever kids turn into sharp investigators and follow the...
    • Marleen Quentin,...
    • Kerstin Ramcke
    • Germany, 2017
    • German
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    High Definition true
    They are among the most famous stories in the world: Grimm's and Andersen's fairy tales. They have been translated into every major language in the world, 160 in all. The hour-long adaptions have become a tentpole attraction of the holiday season at home and abroad. Lovingly and enchantingly, all your favorite...
    • Suzanne von Borsody,...
    • Germany, 2016
    • German, English, French