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    Portrait of a Judge

    a film by Norbert Kückelmann

    The lawyer Alexander Kolb is responsible for an unusual case: he is to claim compensation from a gang of youths who in the street attacked and seriously injured a Vietnamese couple. The hooligans were drunk at the time of the incident and had come from a gathering of Neonazis. Kolb's investigations lead to a charge...
    • Robert Giggenbach,...
    • Germany, 1996
    • German
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    a film by Roland Suso Richter

    They are inseparable, blood brothers through and through: the Hamburg buddies Henrik Wedekind, Phil Wagner and Jo Rimkeit. As youngsters, life tears them apart and eventually reunites them. Henrik has turned into a charming young man earning a precarious living with odd jobs. Rimkeit, on the other hand, is making...
    • Jürgen Vogel, Gregor...
    • Germany, 1996
    • German
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    Hidden Hunt

    a film by Vivian Naefe

    The very setting is most appropriate for a psychological thriller being of a class of its own: a secluded manor house located on the rough, depressing German North Sea cost. This is where Paul -played by Christoph Waltz who has specialized in impersonating mentally weak characters- has moved together with his wife...
    • Christoph Waltz,...
    • Thriller/Crime
    • Germany, 1996
    • German
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    a film by Christoph Schrewe

    Holding the office of the local pastor, Henri is a man of high standing. He is happily married to Barbara and, even though being 15 years older than her, he enjoys his marriage and his role as a father of a three-month-old son. Can this man possibly be a murderer? The viewers will be anxious to hear the answer to...
    • Bonjana Golenac,...
    • Thriller/Crime
    • Germany, 1996
    • German
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    Sorry, Samantha

    a film by Bernhard Stephan

    Sorry, Samantha Two successful yuppies, the broker Jochen and the sports journalist Anne, look through their diaries, finding out that today is their wedding day - as recommended by their tax advisor. Spending their honeymoon in Cape Town for professional reasons, they discover a crying baby in the backseat of their...
    • Heinz Hoenig,...
    • Germany, 1996
    • German, French
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    Everyone loves Willy Woof

    a film by Maria Theresia Wagner

    A dog may be man’s best friend, but it isn’t always the other way around. When shaggy Willy Woof, the mutt with the lively past, put away on a train to Munich, the only friend he finds is little Natalie. Once in town, it turns out there are dog-catchers everywhere, and a spare sausage is hard to find for...
    • Esther Rüpprich,...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, English, French
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    Muchas Gracias Willy Woof

    a film by Maria Theresia Wagner

    When Willy Woof’s brother Rocco, star of a canine carnival in a Fuerteventura resort hotel on the Canary Island, mysteriously vanishes, the  sly ol’ dog Willy books a flight Canine Class out to the islands to fill in for his brother—and to investigate what happened to the Top dog. There he teams up...
    • Anja Kruse, Thomas...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, English, French
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    Trail of Blood

    a film by Carlo Rola

    Dr. Alexander West, angesehener Chirurg an einem Berliner Krankenhaus, willigt schweren Herzens in die Scheidung von seiner Frau Dagmar ein, die er immer noch liebt. Als sie wenig später bei einem Verkehrsunfall ums Leben kommt, gerät er unter Tatverdacht und wird festgenommen. Auf dem Weg zum...
    • Jan Niklas,Hannelore...
    • Action/Adventure
    • Germany, 1995
    • French, German, English
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    You're Finished

    a film by Michael Keusch

    Power ties and power games: Doris Donath is a bright young investment banker with the futures and  currency division of a Frankfurt bank. But she is passed over to head the department in favor of slick, handsome Philipp Stracher. Doris’ initial attraction to Phillip vanishes when he ruthlessly...
    • Jennifer Nitsch ...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, Italian,...
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    a film by Marijan Vajda

    Deadly ice-capades: When star figure skater Kathrin Bischoff gets a shot at the world championship, someone starts taking shots at her. After an unidentified assailant throws a bouquet of flowers spiked with razor blades at her and nearly blinds her, her mother and her manager insist on getting her a body...
    • Ursula...
    • Action/Adventure
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, French, Italian
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    Sites of the World Cultures

    a film by Martin Papirowski and Luise Wagne

    This series portrays landscapes, metropoles, sacred sites and monuments, all of which have made a unique contribution to the cultural heritage of mankind. Each episode breathes life into civilizations which thrived in the past ten thousand years, some of them then vanishing without a trace into the shadows of...
    • Frieder Käsmann
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    Christmas with Willy Woof

    a film by Maria Theresia Wagner

    Willy Wuff, ein aufrechter Vierbeiner mit einem großen Herzen unter seinem zotteligen Fell, nimmt sich nicht nur zweier ausgesetzter Hundewelpen an, sondern auch des siebenjährigen Michael, der sich nichts sehnlicher wünscht als weiße Weihnachten und eine intakte Familie. Er verbringt die Feiertage mit seinem Vater,...
    • Esther Rüpprich,...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, English, French
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    “Fascinating Nature - The World's Most Beautiful Landscapes" takes the viewer on a journey around the world. Stunning images impressively impart a sense of just how majestic and unique, as well as how delicate and sensitive nature is. This documentary shows our world in a way we've never seen it before, and may...
    • Nature/Wildlife
    • Gogol Lobmayr...
    • Germany, 1995
    • No linguistic content
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    Under the Milky Way

    a film by M.X. Oberg

    What a stroke of bad luck for Thomas. Once the shy perpetual student arrives at the train station in Munich, he discovers that all his cash has been stolen. In dire need of money and a roof over his head, he takes a job as a train conductor on a sleeping car. Catching up on his sleep by day during his astronomy...
    • Fabian Busch, Vitus...
    • Comedy
    • April Pussycat
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    That's Life! The Wagenfelds

    a film by William Perscheck, Joris Hermans, Michael Karen, etc.

    This series centres on the Wagenfelds, an average family of the 90s from Hamburg, which ends up in a Bavarian village. Katharina, the mother who actively takes care of the children – Lena, Danny and Johannes – finds out that her handsome husband Stefan, an ambitious and successful journalist, has a mistress, and an...
    • Sabine Bach, Nick...
    • Series
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    a film by Josef Rusnak, Thomas Jauch, Daniel Helfer

    In the 1990s, ‘Partners’ will become what ‘Schimanski’ and ‘Miami Vice’ have been in the eighties - a trendsetting action & crime series, a production which has revolutionizes the rules of television. Nothing but the story remains traditional - a criminal case, investigations, the arrest of the outlaws. All other...
    • Jan Josef Liefers,...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    Feuerbach - Lawyer with heart and soul

    a film by Jürgen Kaizig, Hans Werner Honert, Georg Schiemann, Imo Moszkowicz

    Feuerbach in one of a kind who fights for justice, who never surrenders until he unveils the whole truth. He uses to follow his instincts, and if they tell him that a client is innocent he really puts his mind into the case. Being more than just a brilliant lawyer, he is also a passionate investigator. He knows how...
    • Peter Bongratz,...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    Oppen and Ehrlich

    a film by Hajo Gies, Franz Peter Wirth

    Just like Don Camillo and Peppone, burgomaster Hinner Oppen and entrepreneur Otwin Ehrlich are struggling for the well-being of the small town Reichenberg located somewhere in the heart of Germany. Both badly depend on each other. For without Ehrlich, who runs the only big company in town, there would be no jobs and...
    • Uwe Friedrichsen,...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    a film by Peter F. Bringmann

    This entertaining Sci-Fi send-up is set in the year 2417, when Rio Kowalski, a notorious loser doing dubious business in his smashed shuttle, hears an emergency message from a spaceship which is breaking down. He decides to get hold of the spaceship's cargo together with his companion Max, an antiquated replicant,...
    • Götz George, Ingo...
    • Günter Rohrbach
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    The Swine - A German Career

    a film by Ilse Hofmann

    We go through a period of 40 year in the Federal Republic, with a close-up of a totally amoral individual. His name: Stefan Stolze, born as an illegitimate child in Berlin in 1939, awarded with the Federal Service Cross in 1994. with charm and mendacity he ruthlessly pursues only one goal: to make it to the top. We...
    • Götz George, Gudrun...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, English
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    St. Nikolai’s Church

    a film by Frank Beyer

    Leipzig, 1987: The Bacher family is torn between the protest movement and the Stasi. While young architect Astrid joins the protest movement which meets every Monday at the church of St. Nikolai, coming under Stasi surveillance, her brother Alexander - a captain in the feared Communist secret police - faces...
    • Barbara Auer, Ulrich...
    • Mini Series
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    Brothers Till Death

    a film by Friedemann Fromm

    The police want drug lord Calvi behind bars. Especially Inspector Böhm, who's obsessed with nailing the cunning underworld boss. Nabbing a petty drug dealer named Thomas, Böhm makes him an offer: help us bring down Calvi or go to jail. Why Thomas, a troubled, inexperienced 17-year-old? Because he's the brother of...
    • Gottfried John,...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    The Murderer's Child

    a film by Matti Geschonneck

    Martin Dreyer spents his holidays on the island of Amrum. One of his long walks takes him past a children's home, where he meets a little girl. The girl is found dead the next morning. Driven by some inner compulsion, Martin murders another young girl sometime later. One day he meets a young woman, Sonya, at a party...
    • Ulrich Tukur, Sissi...
    • Germany, 1995
    • German
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    Tödliches Leben

    a film by Richard Engel

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Im Berufsleben steht Architekt Robert Cortin auf sicheren Beinen. Er ist erfolgreich und die Auftragslage ist bestens. Privat dagegen hat er einige Probleme. Seine Ehefrau Vera, eine Frauenärztin, kann keine Kinder bekommen. Und so bemühen sich die Cortins schon einige Zeit um ein Adoptivkind. Da erfährt...
    • Bernd Herzsprung,...
    • Klaus André
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, French
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    Please try to love each other

    a film by Ute Wieland

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    What makes Mommy and Daddy scream at each other? She runs an exclusive furniture store, he’s an architect, business is good. Inga and Daniel should have a happy upper-mille-class family, were it not for Inga’s uncontrollable jealousy. So when Inga finds out her husband once hat an affair, and her spiteful...
    • Thomas Heinze, Carin...
    • Drama
    • Germany, 1995
    • German, French