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    In Heaven

    a film by Michael Bindlechner

    Csiwi has just begun to wonder about his place in the world, and the direction he should be heading in, when two people enter his life: Levi and Valeska, two signposts pointing in opposite directions. Levi is already tired of being on the movie and longs for a place of rest, somewhere that will allow him to escape...
    • Sylvie Testud, Xaver...
    • Drama
    • Michael Bindlechner,...
    • Austria, 1998
    • German
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    Mrs. Rettich, Czerny and me

    a film by Markus Imboden

    The romantic comedy centres on three women who set off for sunny Spain, each in search of her own happiness: the first one is newly pregnant and wants to marry her Spanish lover in Barcelona, the second is love sick and wants to forget the man she had worshipped in secret, and the third woman wants to have a good...
    • Iris Berben, Martina...
    • Comedy
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Our island in the south Pacific

    a film by Thomas Bahmann

    Albert is a successful, upwardly-mobile young executive. He seems to have everything it takes: an attractive wife, a pretty daughter, good friends and a smart home in the leafy suburbs. When Albert falls victim to an investment fraud, his idyll is destroyed overnight. He loses his money, his career prospects are up...
    • Herbert Knaup, Andrea...
    • Comedy
    • Thomas Häberle,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    The Giraffe

    a film by Dani Levy

    An elderly Jewish woman is found dead in the corridor of a New York hotel. Her son, David (Dani Levy), meets a young set-designer, Lena Katz (Maria Schrader) who appears to be involved in the mysterious circumstances of his mother's death. In the course of their investigation, a mutual attraction grows, but the...
    • Maria Schrader, Dani...
    • Stefan Arndt
    • Germany, Switzerland,...
    • English
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    a film by Klaus Emmerich, Hans Noever

    This thrilling series focuses on the young, ambitious journalist Azade Celik and her older, more experienced colleague, the press photographer Pit “Piwi” Wilkens. Both work for TNT, a committed weekly magazine with a large circulation and liberal pretensions. In their articles they always deal with highly topical...
    • Renan Demirkan,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    In Deep Water

    a film by Sigi Rothemund

    The very thought is horrifying: what if a gigantic glacier broke away from the Arctic and suddenly began drifting south... It could mean a tidal wave that would slam into Norway and Britain and sweep across the Dutch and German coasts, destroying hundreds of towns and cities. When Greenpeace realizes that this...
    • Leslie Malton, Peter...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    The German Bronx

    a film by Ilse Hofmann, Christian Görlitz, Lars Kraume, Matthias Glasner, Hans Schönherr, Rüdiger Nüchtern, Axel de Roche, Arend Agthe

    The German Bronx The part of Hamburg called Wilhelmsburg, the "German bronx", is a melting pot and residence of the socially disadvantaged people. Here the police have to persecute pick pockets and drug dealers as much as murderers. In order to fight the increasing crime rate, the police authorities decide to set...
    • Muriel Baumeister,...
    • Thriller/Crime
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Mobbing Girls 13 x 25'

    a film by Richard Huber, Wolfgang Münstermann

    Pay a visit to the ladies of the Quickborn company’s mail-order department and you’ll know what it’s like to be on a wild-animal safari without a gun! Or to charm a basketful of cobras with a flute… In this outrageous comedy series, anyone who enters the realm of the Quickborn “grrrls” must be armed to the teeth,...
    • Ingrid van Bergen,...
    • Stephan Bechtle
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, English
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    Death run

    a film by Curt Faudon

    Four old friends reluctantly agree to go on a dangerous ski tour. It soon becomes clear that they do not know each other as well as they thought and that each has his own private motives for going on the trip. The charming, athletic Jean-Phillipe suffers form a terminal disease and looks for a way to die with...
    • Thomas Heinze, Rupert...
    • Fiction
    • Dieter Pochlatko,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Daddy, I'll Get You Out!

    a film by Hartmut Griesmayr

    Like all little boys, 11-year-old Lukas loves his father and mother dearly. Although his mother died two years ago, Lukas, who lives alone with his father Christian, keeps her memory very much alive. When Katharina, a state prosecutor and old friend of his father's, enters their little world and threatens to replace...
    • Helmut Zierl,...
    • Mini Series
    • Ronald Mühlfellner
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Fire Walker

    a film by Rainer Matsutani

    Of volcanic origin, the Canary Islands owe their existence to the force of fire, the power of glowing, primeval heat. But when Martin Lukas arrives there for a holiday, he soon realizes that there are forces around him harnessing the islands' fire for purposes of destruction... Although the beautiful Ida would like...
    • Jochen Horst, Katja...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    The Lady Next Door

    a film by Wolfgang Mühlbauer

    Such a sweet familiy, the Holchs. Lars is a successful lawyer, his wife Martina a loving wife and mother of two adorable children. Such a sweet family thinks Maya Karus, too. The good-looking young woman has just moved in across the street from the Holchs. Friendly, helpful, Maya soon becomes friends with Martina,...
    • Christine Neubauer,...
    • Veith von Fürstenberg
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Live Shot

    a film by Joe Coppoletta

    Whenever there's a catastrophe, wherever there's fire, blood or twisted metal, you can count on freelance journalist Frank Burden to get the first pictures. So when the daughter of a wealthy industrialist is kidnapped and her lover murdered, Frank is the first to photograph the scene of the crime. Right behind him,...
    • Hannes Jaenicke,...
    • Jürgen Hebstreit
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Days of Darkness

    a film by Margarethe von Trotta

    Days of Darkness ‘Days of Darkness’ tells the story of an alcoholic woman whose minor children suffer from their mother`s addiction. Illustrating the devastating impact of al-coholism on the family members, the film shows how the characters are mentally deformed by their daily confrontation with this addiction. The...
    • Susanne von Borsody,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Get Out Of Here

    a film by Franziska Buch

    Get Out Of Here Shortly after her son Lukas is born, Janna, a 17-year-old hippie girl, decides to leave her boring town. She lets her cold-hearted mother look after her child. Being on his own, Lukas - who cannot walk due to a pelvis disease - makes friends with animals and learns how to communicate with them. When...
    • Gruschenka Stevens,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Our Child Belongs To Strangers

    a film by Miroslaw Bork

    Our Child Belongs To Strangers Anna and Pawel Kowalski of Gdansk, Poland, have been leading a happy life until the day their eight-year-old son Tomek is seriously injured in an accident. Since there is an urgent need for a blood transfusion, Pawel immediately volunteers - but his blood is incompatible with his...
    • Susanne Lüning,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    a film by Oliver Storz

    Summer 1945: A family of five is the victim of a brutal attack which takes place at a secluded mill. Only Karin Katte, a young Silesian fugitive and Rudi, a deserter survive the massacre purely by chance. The American occupying forces' officer Dave Gladbaker, responsible for local security,suspects that Karin is an...
    • Stefan Kurt, Karoline...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    a film by Friedemann Fromm

    For Peter Gillitzer there’s only one thing in life – the local soccer club. When he inherits a rundown funeral service, he comes up with unusual PR measures and turns the venture into a financial success. But he’s not interested in getting rich, he only wants to buy the badly needed forward for his beloved team....
    • Andreas Patton,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Winter Child

    a film by Margarethe von Trotta

    Yelena has nothing to lose. After seven years in a Russian prison for a petty offense, all she wants is to find her son, Boris, born eight years ago. The trail leads to Germany, and to the boy's father, Michael, a German who had worked in Russia and fallen in love with Yelena. Michael and his wife Elke have adopted...
    • Susanna Simon,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German
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    Girl Hunt

    a film by Kaspar Heidelbach

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    On the day before her sister's wedding, Anna gets dumped by her boyfriend. Already distraught, the young woman has no choice but to make the long drive from Cologne to the Black Forest alone with her dog Solo, even though she is not used to driving. Frazzled by the hectic traffic on the Autobahn, she pulls...
    • Liane Forestieri, Tim...
    • Wolfgang Schulte
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Das Miststück

    a film by Carlo Rola

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Ja, wo gibt's denn so was! Es ist wirklich eine schier unglaubliche Geschichte, die Anna (Iris Berben) dem Kommissar Lohnert (Hans-Michael Rehberg) auftischt: Nachdem sie ih-ren untreuen Mann Marek (Robert-De-Niro-Stimme Christian Brückner) Knall auf Fall verlassen hat, gerät sie in die Hände von Alex (Leon...
    • Iris Berben,...
    • Oliver Berben
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    Baby Crazy

    a film by Markus Bräutigam

    Lisa (Susanna Simon) sieht glücklich der Geburt ihres Babys entgegen. Auch Lisas Ehemann Carsten (Andreas Herder) kann das freudige Ereignis kaum noch erwarten. Damit alles reibungslos klappt, hat er seine Frau pflichtbewußt zum Schwangerschaftskurs angemeldet. Doch Lisa hält das alles für total...
    • Susanna Simon, Tim...
    • Germany, 1997
    • German, French
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    Bear in the Big City

    a film by Peter Adam

    When unscrupulous animal poachers kidnap a bear cub, animal ranger Peter Hauser knows he has only 48 hours to return the cub safely to its mother, otherwise she will reject her offspring. He follows their trail all the way to the heart of Berlin--with his trusty black bear companion Felix causing...
    • Christina Plate, Heio...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Germany, 1997
    • German, French
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    Fritz the Piglet

    a film by Peter Timm

     Spending their summer on a farm, city kids Vicky and Max are thrilled when they get to witness the birth of a piglet, which they name Fritz and want to take home with them right away. But sly Fritz soon suspects farmer Hartmut wants to make pork chops of him instead, and runs away. Immediately Max...
    • Klaus J....
    • Germany, 1997
    • German, French
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    Again and again, in the history of the world, there were catastrophes which wiped out many species of fauna and flora. Yet now, as never before, the diversity of life is threatened. And many animals will disappear forever from our world unless people fight to preserve their last refuges. The work of wildlife...
    • Germany, 1997
    • German