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    The Tunnel

    a film by Marcus Vetter

    September 1962: A tunnel is driven from West to East Berlin. Four Berlin students are the initiators of the professionally and thoroughly organized project: The Italians Mimmo and Gigi, civil engineer Ulli and his friend Hasso.   They all want to free friends, family members and lovers...
    • Human Interest
    • Germany, 2000
    • German, English,...
  • The Undertaker

    a film by Markus Fischer, Markus Welter

    High Definition true
    An undertaker and a police inspector form the oddball duo at the heart of this screwball whodunnit.Luc Conrad used to be a police detective. Now he's an undertaker, whose job is usually to comfort and console the next of kin – but sometimes the cop comes out in him, as well. Being closer to the corpse, so to speak,...
    • Mike Müller, Barbara...
    • Series
    • Switzerland, 2016
    • Swiss German, German,...
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    The Underworld Of Naples

    a film by Stefanie Appel

    Many centuries ago, people believed that the Underworld described in the Odyssey was underneath Naples. In fact, the city does actually sit above a sunless metropolis. Enzo Albertini is a speleologist and is considered the undisputed ruler of this subterranean city, because he has dedicated himself wholly to it - an...
    • Culture/Travel
    • Germany, 2007
    • German, French
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    The Untouchables - India's Outcastes Resist

    a film by Mechthild Rüther

    Kutrabakam is a village in the poverty-stricken Indian state of Tamil Nadu. There is unrest here - Dalits are rebelling. Dalits are the untouchables; they live in squalor on the outskirts of the village. They simply want to be able to take water for drinking and cooking from the village well, but the Dalit women who...
    • Human Interest
    • Germany, 2007
    • German
    High Definition 1080i
    We fly two friends to a hip major city. Sounds like fun? Not really since our candidates' travel budget contains only 50 Euros. The challenge begins!They must fight their way through the metropolitan jungle for 4 days and 3 nights. They have to commute from the airport into town, find a place to stay, eat and drink...
    • Factual Entertainment
    • Germany, 2014
    • German
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    The Urfa Bazaar

    a film by Hans A. Guttner

    The Urfa Bazaar is said to be the "most beautiful of all bazaars". Nowhere else can Muslim everyday life be observed in such an intensive and authentic form as here. This is an incredibly attractive place full of life and colour, a place where production, trade and communication come together all in one location. At...
    • Culture/Travel
    • Germany, 2006
    • German, French
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    The Ustica Conspiracy

    a film by Hans von Kalckreuth

    On the evening of June 27th, 1980, off the Italian island of Ustica, a passenger plane crashed into the sea with the loss of 81 lives. Was it an assassination, an explosion or just a technical default? In 2008 the former Italian Prime Minister, Francesco Cossiga, claimed that a French fighter jet had shot down the...
    • Germany, 2010
    • German, English
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    The Vanished Women

    a film by Oliver Storz

    West Germany in the 1950s. The country is recovering from the disaster of the war, prosperity is returning. Town mayor Dr. Vorweg is happy with his life: He’s popular among his voters and leads a model marriage with his wife Katharina. But his small-town happiness is shattered one day when his wife disappears...
    • Matthias Brandt,...
    • Germany, 2008
    • German, English
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    The Venuskiller

    a film by Dominique Othenin-Girard

    Detective Grimm is put on the trail of a bizarre serial killer who always leaves a conch shell, called "Venus shells", by the corpses of the woman he kills. But despite her best efforts, she is apparently outdone when her bitter rival Starck busts a doctor with a record of sexual perversions for the crime. The...
    • Katja Flint, Hannes...
    • Action/Adventure
    • Germany, 1996
    • German, English
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    Revenge, jealousy, injured pride, spurned love, possessiveness – the reasons for rapes and other sexual offences are manifold. The culprits are usually not previously convicted felons. They tend to come from the social surroundings of the victim, are often friends, life partners or a close relative. Due to fear and...
    • Series
    • Germany, 2006
    • German
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    The Visit

    a film by Nikolaus Leytner

    The residents of the idyllic but bankrupt town of Güllen can hardly believe that billionaire Claire Zachanassian is returning to her hometown for the first time in 40 years. Back then, Claire was engaged to the charming Alfred Ill. In a car accident he caused, she was partially crippled and lost the child she was...
    • Christiane Hörbiger,...
    • Regina Ziegler
    • Germany, 2008
    • German
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    The Vow

    a film by Dominik Graf

    A Westphalian town, 1818. In a sparsely furnished room, a fragile figure lies on a bed. A Catholic nun, the center of a religious cult permeated by superstition, deep faith and irrational hope. Sister Anna Katharina Emmerick, who bears the irregularly bleeding wounds of Christ, the stigmata. A mystic and visionary....
    • Misel...
    • Winka Wulff, Michael...
    • Germany, 2008
    • German, French
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    The Vow of the Catacombs - The Secret Pact of Vatican II

    a film by Bernd Seidl, Wolfgang Rommel

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    At Vatican II, 40 Bishops signed a secret pact of poverty, pointing the way to a Church that helps the poorest and stands up for them – then, suddenly, their pact disappeared and was forgotten. What happened in the Catacombs of Rome almost 50 years ago?This documentary revives the story of the Catacomb Pact and its...
    • History
    • Germany, 2012
    • German
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    The Waiting Game

    a film by Ralf Huettner

    Cora Hübsch is going through hell. She has been waiting in vain for three days for the man of her dreams to call. On Wednesday she had the best sex of her life with him. Yet today is Saturday. "The man has to call. At the latest after three days." This, at least, is what the rules say...
    • Gruschenka Stevens,...
    • Germany, 2001
    • German, English
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    The War of the Wards: Battling the Superbugs

    a film by Valentin Thurn, Sabine Goette

    Normally we expect hospitals to make us healthy. But sometimes it’s actually in hospital that we become really ill. The worldwide spread of new superbugs in hospitals is causing alarm among doctors. The most widespread and most dangerous of the hospital superbugs is MRSA (multi-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). This...
    • Current Affairs
    • Germany, 2008
    • German, English, French
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    The Water Lily Pond

    a film by Johannes Fabrick

    Isabelle Corthen, the illegitimate daughter of a maid at the Trakenbergs' estate, was raised by this wealthy industrialist family – tolerated, but not loved. Throughout her childhood, her best friend was Jon, a neighbor; as adults, they realize that they are in love. An ambitious young woman, Isabelle is determined...
    • Natalia Wörner, Tim...
    • Germany, 2002
    • German, French
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    The Way It Came

    a film by Dominik Graf

    Based on motifs from the story by Henry James Gregor can't wait to graduate. Even if his boarding school is great. And even if he's got a best friend, Arthur, who'd go through thick and thin for him. Yet there's something about Arthur that puzzles Gregor. His gaze that seems to look right through you. His aversion...
    • Matthias...
    • Michael Hild
    • Germany, 2002
    • German
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    The Wedding of My Daughters

    a film by Thomas Jacob

    For Hilde Reimer a dream comes true: her daughters Susanne, Anja and Regina move with kith and kin - their three babies and their partners, Robert, Karin and Frank - into their mother’s beautiful old villa in the country. But if only the three of them were already married – then Hilde needn’t worry so much that one...
    • Ruth Maria...
    • Ziegler Film for ARD...
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, French
  • The Weekend

    a film by Nina Grosse

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    "... well-acted, keeping a unity of time" (Odile Tremblay, Le Devoir, August 2012)After being released from prison, former RAF terrorist Jens Kessler spends his first weekend in freedom with friends from the past; among them are his former lover Inga and her husband. As the tension mounts, it takes only one spark to...
    • Katja Riemann,...
    • Feature Film
    • Nina Maag, Nico...
    • Germany, 2012
    • German, English
  • The Weissensee Saga

    a film by Friedemann Fromm

    High Definition true
    WEISSENSEE is a sweeping and gripping family saga of conflicting loyalties, love, hope, faith and betrayal set behind the Berlin Wall in the former East Germany and in the changing times of the fall of the Iron Curtain. It tells of young police officer Martin, from a loyal Party family, who falls in love with the...
    • Florian Lukas, Hannah...
    • Series
    • Germany, 2015
    • German, English
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    The White Snake

    a film by Stefan Bühling

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    A young man discovers the secret of a king's magical powers. Only by communicating with his animal friends – including a very special serpent – can the young man prevent the king from abusing these powers.A kingdom in the late Middle Ages. Young Endres dreams of a life more rewarding than that of a farmer. Endres...
    • Tim Oliver Schultz,...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Germany, 2015
    • German, English
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    The White Sound

    a film by Hans Weingartner

    After having moved from the countryside to Cologne, Lukas is determined to have the time of his life - sex and drugs and rock’ n roll. But suddenly he starts hearing voices and everything changes…. He is diagnosed as schizophrenic. His brave fight against madness takes him to the edge. After several attempts to...
    • Daniel Bruehl,...
    • Anette Pisacane
    • Germany, 2002
    • German, English
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    The Wild Soccer Bunch

    a film by Joachim Masannek

    Yeeeees! Great dribbling from Leon, right across the pitch! He’s going to shoot! But no! He’s sold the defender the dummy! But what’s this? It’s little Raban coming down the left wing! He’s taken the ball! He’s heading for the goal! He shoots and … GOAL! GOAL! That’s it! And THEEEEERE’S the final whistle!” Clear...
    • Jimi Blue...
    • Ewa Karlstroem,...
    • Germany, 2003
    • German, English, French
  • The Wild Soccer Bunch - The Legend Lives!

    a film by Joachim Masannek

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Six boys and a girl called Müller have to show they're wild enough to beat Fat Mickey's team and save Wild Soccer Land. Will they prove worthy successors to the original Wild Soccer Bunch, who are now all grown up? The next generation of the Wild Soccer Bunch is ready for battle: In WILD SOCCER BUNCH – THE LEGEND...
    • Michael Sommerer,...
    • Market Premiere
    • Ewa Karlström,...
    • Germany, 2016
    • German, English
  • The Window

    a film by Carlos Sorin

    The last day in the life of Antonio, an 80-year-old writer awaiting the visit of his estranged son on his hacienda in northern Patagonia. As he takes stock and reminisces, he looks out the window at his fields, the sun, the buzzing life that beckons him even as it fades before his eyes... Distinguished...
    • Antonio Larreta,...
    • Drama
    • José María Morales
    • Argentina, Spain, 2008
    • Spanish