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    Order of Titles:Fugu - A Taste to Die For (Human Interest)Treasures of the World – Heritage of Mankind (Culture & Travelogue)Shosholoza Express (Human Interest)The Oldest Profession: Prostitutes and Sex Workers (History)Murder Inc. - A History of the Southern Italian Mafia (History)Faces of Islam (Human...
    • Germany, 2010
    • English
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    Trail of Blood

    a film by Carlo Rola

    Dr. Alexander West, angesehener Chirurg an einem Berliner Krankenhaus, willigt schweren Herzens in die Scheidung von seiner Frau Dagmar ein, die er immer noch liebt. Als sie wenig später bei einem Verkehrsunfall ums Leben kommt, gerät er unter Tatverdacht und wird festgenommen. Auf dem Weg zum...
    • Jan Niklas,Hannelore...
    • Television
    • Germany, 1995
    • French, German, English
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    Tramps enters the contemporary world of refugees on board of an authentic tramp steamer. These vagabonds of the sea still haunt the backwaters of the world, a haven for men who have gone to sea because there was no place else to go.
    • Stacy Keach, Antoine...
    • Germany, 1997
    • German
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    Transcontinental Extensions

    a film by Rebecca Gundisch, Gönke Harms

    A full "mane of hair" instead of thin "wispy strands" - German woman of all ages are flocking to their hairdressers to have this dream of beauty fulfilled. The incorporation of the real hair extensions is not cheap. The process can cost up to € 1,000 and must be repeated every four months. Nonetheless, more and more...
    • Human Interest
    • Germany, 2009
    • German
  • Transfer

    a film by Damir Lukacevic

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    BEST SCI-FI FEATURE FILM AWARD at Shriekfest Los Angeles, 2010
    • Hans Michael Rehberg...
    • Germany, 2010
    • German, English
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    Trapped on Bitter Lake

    a film by Jens Arndt, Fayd Jungnickel

    In the summer of 1967, the cry of "Stop engines!" went up for an international convoy of 14 merchant ships in the Suez Canal. Artillery shells, rockets and fighter jets thundered over the heads of the seamen aboard. The freighters from both the East and West had come between the fronts of the Arab-Israeli "6-Day...
    • History
    • Germany, 2011
    • German, English, French
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    Travelling With Turner

    a film by various

    In the 1820s and 30s, famed English artist Joseph Mallord William Turner worked on his project, "The Rivers of Europe", a topography of major European rivers. He travelled the Seine, the Loire, the Rhine, the Maas and the Rhône. Prior to his journeys in Europe he had spent much time exploring the rivers and ports of...
    • Culture/Travel
    • Germany, 2003
    • German, English, French
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    High Definition true
    “We preserve what we love. We love what we understand. We understand what we have learnt.”Under this motto, UNESCO has been protecting since 1972 as World Heritage meanwhile more than 800 unique natural and cultural sites throughout the world, such as the Taj Mahal in India, Australia’s Kakadu National Park or the...
    • Market Premiere
    • Germany, 2013
    • German, English, Spanish
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    Treasures of the World - Special

    a film by Goggo Gensch

    High Definition true
    “We preserve what we love. We love what we understand. We understand what we have learnt.“ This is the motto under which UNESCO has been preserving what are, by now, 890 one-of-a-kind natural and manmade monuments around the world since 1972. The Treasures of Mankind series follows the UNESCO World Heritage List,...
    • narrated by Max Moor
    • Market Premiere
    • SWR in Coproduction...
    • Germany, 2015
    • German
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    Some 100 million coconut palms cover the island of Sri Lanka. They are grown in plantations and domestic gardens and they line the spectacular beaches of the island. There is hardly any other plant from which so many different products can be manufactured. All life in Sri Lanka is defined by the coconut palms, their...
    • Germany, 2009
    • German, French
  • Trenk, the Little Knight

    a film by Anthony Power

    Ten-year-old Trenk, peasant and property of evil Sir Wertolt, wants to become a knight and free his family. His sword may be heavier than himself, but with unflagging practice, he's soon ready to take on terrifying dragons and save damsels in distress – before conquering their hearts! “Trenk, the Little Knight" is...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Austria, Germany, 2015
    • English
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    Tricky Life

    a film by Beatriz Flores Silva

    It all sounds like a fairy tale: the outset is promising; there's romance, a journey, feelings of agonizing and fear, and finally a happy end. This is the story of Elisa (27 years), whose dream is to own a hairdressing salon in Montevideo. As she is penniless and has two children to care for, she gets work as a...
    • Mariana Santangelo,...
    • Comedy
    • Hubert Toint, Beatriz...
    • Uruguay, 2001
    • Spanish
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    Palm-lined beaches, steel bands playing calypso and soca music and colourful carnival parades - the Caribbean island of Trinidad has everything you could possibly want in a dream holiday destination. However on the southwest coast of the island, there is also a little known natural phenomenon, the Pitch Lake, a lake...
    • Culture/Travel
    • Germany, 2010
    • German
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    Triplet Trouble

    a film by Dietmar Klein

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Stylish magazine editor Linda and stuffy Latin teacher Jakob find themselves thrown together as unwilling grandparents and babysitters to triplets when the parents split up, changing diapers when they're not driving each other crazy. But maybe they have a soft spot for each other after all...
    • Thekla Carola Wied,...
    • Romance
    • Germany, 2010
    • German
    Available in High Definition 1080i
    The Trixters are four con artists with a mission: They’re on a crusade to avenge the victims of injustice and fraud by putting the sting on their overpowerful opponents. No ruse is too complicated, no setup too difficult and no guise too outlandish to fool their mark.
    • Action/Adventure
    • Germany, 2011
    • German, English
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    Tropic of Sheep

    a film by Ralf Bücheler

    Available in High Definition 1080p
    Just 5,000 people live on North and South Uist, Benbecula and Barra in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland's North West coast. To some these remote islands are an idyllic home, an unspoilt natural haven; to others they are a barren place of isolation. Marie first moved to the islands from the Czech Republic because...
    • HD Content
    • United Kingdom,...
    • English, German
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    Trotzky – Rise and Fall of an Revolutionary

    a film by Daniel Ast, Jürgen Ast

    Trotzky, the hero of the Russian revolution, was for years venerated like a saint. For him the October Revolution and the civil war were merely stages on the way to his real aim: The world revolution.Yet the celebrated hero became a wanted man. His embittered opponent Stalin, whom he underestimated all his life,...
    • History
    • Ast Film for BR,...
    • Germany, 2007
    • German, English, French
  • Troubled Water

    a film by Erik Poppe

    After serving his sentence for having killed a child, a young man begins a new life as a church organist but finds no peace there either: the mother of the child he allegedly killed finds him and begins pursuing him in a fateful effort to learn the truth... Jan Thomas’ last day in prison begins with a dunking in...
    • Pål Sverre Valheim...
    • Finn Gjerdrum, Stein...
    • Norway, Sweden, 2008
    • Norwegian
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    Troubled Waters (Waves of Romance)

    a film by Bernhard Stephan

    What could be more romantic than a two-week-long Caribbean cruise on the Royal Clipper! For Rudolf, the cruise also marks a new chapter in his life: with Tamara, his much younger girlfriend, for whom he left his wife of many years Marianne. No sooner is he on board than he crashes into an iceberg that instantly...
    • Christian Kohlund,...
    • Otto Meissner
    • Germany, 2003
    • German, English, French
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    Being alone is passé - the trend is definitely towards relationships. Love is something beautiful but it takes two to make it complete. But even this romantic connection has its malice, and everyone living in a relationship knows that the most harmonious togetherness can consist of rather shallow waters. The reward...
    • Alexander Schubert,...
    • Fiction
    • Germany, 2012
    • German
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    Trust Me

    a film by Martin Eigler

    Nils, Caro and Tayfun: They used to be best friends when they were young. They shared everything, and together they were on top of the world. But their friendship fell apart when Caro couldn't decide whether to be in love with Nils or Tayfun. So each went their own way. Suddenly, for the first time in six years,...
    • Benno Führmann,...
    • Drama
    • Sigrid Hoerner, Anne...
    • Germany, 2000
    • German
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    Turbo & Tank

    a film by Heinz Dietz

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Rookie cops Kai and Andreas spend their training earning their nicknames Turbo and Tank and botch their first assignment, getting fired off the force. Will the two never-do-wells manage to prove they've got what it takes to protect and serve....?Rookie cops Kai Schroder and Andreas Tachinski weren't exactly model...
    • Axel Stein, Daniel...
    • Comedy
    • Germany, 2013
    • German, English
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    Turkish for Beginners

    a film by Oiver Schmitz

    The movie spin-off of the award-winning international hit series was the top-grossing German film of 2012, earning US $ 22 million at the box office. Family: For 16-year-old Lena this has always been the three of them – herself, her little brother Nils and her mother Doris, a psychotherapist. But then mother Doris...
    • Romance
    • Alban Rehnitz, Philip...
    • Germany, 2008
    • French, English
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    Turn Left For Amore

    a film by Dietmar Klein

    The Toeplitz women are quite a handful. Matriarch Marianne has a weak heart but still holds the reins of her nearly bankrupt touring-bus company. Daughter Susanne is, if possible, even more headstrong than her mother, but also more business-minded: she knows the company urgently needs cash to survive. Her impetuous...
    • Nicole Heesters,...
    • Television
    • Christa Gerlach
    • Germany, 2006
    • German
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    Twice The Risk

    a film by Torsten C. Fischer, Uwe Frießner, Hans Schönherr und Michael Keusch

    Greek-German cop Sabrina Nikolaidou knows her turf like her second home. After all, the streets of Hamburg's St. Pauli harbor and red-light district are where the rough 'n' ready crimebuster grew up. Since streetwise Sabrina tends to turn a blind eye to the letter of the law now and then, though, her superiors like...
    • Despina Pajanu, Petra...
    • Peter Otto, Dirk Düwel
    • Germany
    • German