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    The Young Beethoven

    a film by Micheal Meert

    Practically all of the more than 30 biopics made on the life of Beethoven focus on his Viennese successes and the tragic, second half of his creative life. However, recent research has found that Ludwig van Beethoven's family history and his childhood laid the foundations for what was an extraordinary musical career. Contrary...
    • Germany, 2007
    • German
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    The Young Schiller

    a film by Martin Weinhart

    Friedrich Schiller, the "James Dean of 1782," the original tormented artist, the sexy hothead who made girls sigh. The premiere of his drama "The Robbers"? Cheers in rock-concert decibels, a tumultuous event that breathes the spirit of change sweeping through feudal society. Schiller, author of the "Ode to Joy" immortalized...
    • Matthias...
    • Uschi Reich, Michael...
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, English, French
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    The Yunnan-Vietnam Railway

    a film by Ingmar Trost

    The Yunnan-Vietnam Railway is a spectacular colonial railway project, stretching over 855 kilometres from the Vietnamese port of Haiphong to Kunming in the Chinese province of Yunnan. It was built at the start of the 20th century in a massive effort comparable with the creation of the Panama or Suez Canals - but at the cost...
    • Germany, 2008
    • German, English, French
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    They've got Knut

    a film by Stefan Krohmer

    Love and politics were inseparable in the 80s, especially in West Germany, where friends, lovers and families would chant antiimperialist slogans in endless protest marches. Politics, however, is the last thing on the minds of Ingo and Nadia on this winter weekend in 1983. They've come to Nadia's mountain cabin to discuss -...
    • Nadja > Valerie Koch;...
    • Peter Rommel, Helmut...
    • Germany, 2003
    • German
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    This Life Is Yours

    a film by Sharon von Wietersheim

    Young pianist Luca has just won a major competition. Record companies pursue him. An international career beckons. He's a winner! But in one moment of inattention, everything is destroyed. Luca is paralyzed from the waist down, bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Nothing, no one can pull him out of his depression,...
    • Kostja Ullmann,...
    • Germany, 2007
    • German, French
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    This Prison Where I Live

    a film by Rex Bloomstein

    Maung Thura, better known as Zarganar, is Burma's greatest living comic. Relentlessly victimized by the Burmese military junta, he is now in prison. Like many of Burma's leading dissidents, Zarganar has been silenced and condemned to 59 years behind bars. The story of this film begins in 2007, when Zarganar agreed to be...
    • Germany, 2011
    • English, German
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    Three for One

    a film by Peter Weck

    Josef, Andreas and Roman are best friends with a common hobby: women. Unfortunately, it's this hobby that sets off a chain reaction when Josef's wife Barbara files for divorce. She's had enough of his extra-marital affairs! Josef, however, is convinced that Barbara is leaving him because they never had a child. While Josef...
    • Friedrich von Thun,...
    • Holger Schulz
    • Germany, 2002
    • German
  • Three Quarter Moon

    a film by Christian Zübert

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    The world of grumpy taxi-driver Hartmut Mackowiak (ELMAR WEPPER) comes crashing down when he finds out his wife is leaving him after 30 years. Suddenly, he has to rethink his whole life - making him even more of a cranky loner. That is, until the day he gets six-year-old Hayat and her mother as a fare in his taxi. While her...
    • Elmar Wepper, Marcan...
    • Robert Marciniak, Uli...
    • Germany, 2011
    • German, English, Turkish
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    Three Sisters made in Germany

    a film by Oliver Storz

    November, 1947, in Frauenburg, a garrison town of the US occupying forces in southern Germany. The German inhabitants are facing another hard, post-war winter; at the same time, however, they are also looking forward to a forthcoming social event in the hope that it will somehow improve their situation: the engagement of...
    • Barbara Rudnik
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, English, French
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    Three Stars

    a film by Lutz Hachmeister

    It is set in an alien and exclusive world, withdrawn from most of us: the highly stylized gourmet restaurants and their often cramped and noisy kitchens. Focusing on nine Michelin starred chefs from three continents, skilled both in charming small talk with their guests and a gruff commanding tone towards their kitchen...
    • Germany, 2010
    • German, English, French
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    High Definition 1080i
    Through the Wild – The Adventure of a LifetimeConfronting nature out in the wild, with no Wifi or TV: Through the Wild - The Adventure of a Lifetime gives six teens the chance to experience the great outdoors in the untouched wilds of Norway – and try to make it through unscathed.  Kid's Film Award "Goldener Spatz" 2012 20...
    • Germany, 2012
    • German
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    Through this Night

    a film by Dagmar Knoepfel

    Der Film zeigt die letzten Tage der berühmtesten tschechischen Schriftstellerin Bozena Nemcová, die schon im 19. Jahrhundert gewagt hatte, ihr Leben frei einzurichten. Sie kämpft um die Liebe, um ihre Familie, um ihr Leben. Solange sie schreibt, hat sie Kraft zu leben. Wirklichkeit, Halluzination, Traum und Erinnerung...
    • Corinna Harfouch,...
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, English, French
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    Tides Of Hope

    a film by Silvia Munt

    Donald, a Nigerian, illegally entered Spain several years ago, but was extradited after getting involved with a gang of car robbers. Now he’s back to fetch Teresa, the woman he loved and who had told him to come back for her. But three years have passed, and Teresa is now married to Antonio, with whom she has a young child....
    • Djédjé Apali, Nora...
    • Agustí Mezquida, José...
    • Spain, 2010
    • Spanish
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    Tigerduck - The Happy Life Of Günter, The Frog Janosch, the famous author of children's books, has created another masterpiece: in a very charming, witty and philosophical way he tells short episodes of Günter, the Frog, and his beloved Tigerduck. Cheeky, impatient, straight-forward, presumptious and a bit clumsy - these are...
    • Germany, 1997
    • German, English
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    Tiger Lilies

    a film by Ariane Zeller

    The three sisters Dana, Julie and Maria have long been leading very different lives, but they're still very close, and their family home is a haven of peace and security. Dana is the glamorous, successful single woman whose career and affairs have always come first. Julie, the romantic one, is a happy wife and mother. Maria,...
    • Ruth Maria...
    • Stephan Bechtle
    • Germany, 2005
    • German
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    Luckily, the house is big, because with their energy and personalities, these three sisters are like atomic particles that have to be kept from colliding with each other. Maria, Dana and Julie are still living in their family home, but are now facing new problems. The eldest sister Maria, the wise one, can't get her two...
    • Ruth Maria...
    • Germany, 2007
    • German
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    Tiger Lilies – Sisters for Life

    a film by Ariane Zeller

    While rummaging in the attic of their family home, the sisters Maria, Dana and Julie come across their mother's diary and make a startling discovery: one of them was adopted! Since the name is blacked out, they apply to the civil registry office to find out – a risky decision that could seriously affect their relations. Dana,...
    • Ruth Maria...
    • Germany, 2007
    • German
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    Tiger, Lion, Panther

    a film by Dominik Graf

    ... is a story about love, jealousy and frustrations, a story that sensitively describes the desires and hopes of today's 30-year-old, centring around three young women and their relations to men. There is the bookseller Pat, an introverted and hypersensitive girl, whose former boyfriend Schorsch refuses to accept that she...
    • Natja Brunckhorst,...
    • Germany, 1989
    • German
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    Till Faith do us Part

    a film by Niki Stein

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    marketshare of incredible 27,1 % at German Premiere on ARD at primetime, with almost 9 Million viewers !
    • Robert Atzorn, Kai...
    • Germany, 2010
    • German, English
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    Time of the Cranes

    a film by Josh Broecker

    Lea lives in the woods with her ornithologist dad after her mom deserted her at birth. When they find an abandoned baby in the wild, Lea is forced to confront her own fears as well.   Twelve-year-old Lea lives alone with her environmental advocate dad Lutz in one of Germany’s last remaining bird refuges, the...
    • Bernhard Schir,...
    • Germany, 2010
    • German, English
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    Which is the more beautiful hummingbird - the lophoris magnifica or the heliactin cornuta, also known as the horned sungem?The over three hundred species of hummingbirds display an amazing diversity. The tiniest and most delicate of all colibris are also the most magnificent - they are the smallest birds in the world. Could...
    • Germany, 2003
    • German
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    a film by Karola Meeder

    Everyone Loves Titus, but his brilliant inventions drive everyone crazy. While other boys his age spend their time playing ball or climbing trees, genius inventor Titus has just one thing on his mind: Trouble. Whether it be a tracking system for his pet turtle Gorgonzola or measuring his dog Amsterdam's brain waves,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    TKKG And The Mysterious Mind Machine

    a film by Tomy Wigand

    Kevin is proud to be able to present his award-winning "mind machine" to his schoolmates and teachers. But after a few confused sentences, he runs off the stage of the auditorium. Then his friend Nadine disappears. There's no time to lose - it's a case for TKKG! Tim, Klumpling, Karl and Gabby take advantage of an outing to...
    • Tim>Jannis Niewöhner;...
    • Uschi Reich, Peter Zenk
    • Germany, 2006
    • German
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    Today's Dinosaurs - The New Episodes

    a film by Michael Schumacher

    For 160 million years they ruled the earth. The dinosaurs were the monarchs of the primeval age, true giants. Never before or since has any form of life on earth reached such dimensions. Many of their behavioural patterns are still in evidence in modern life forms, which are now considered to be "Today's Dinosaurs". In six...
    • Germany, 2006
    • German, English
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    To Divorce or Not to Divorce

    a film by Florian Gärtner

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Eva and Marc have been divorced for a year when they meet in the Alps to sell their vacation home. But it's so run-down they get five days to restore it. They have to move in together, and then their new partners show up, as well...It's really just a quick formality: Eva and Marc have been divorced for a year. They meet in...
    • Julia Brendler,...
    • Germany, 2014
    • German