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    100 Years of Hollywood

    a film by Kai Christiansen

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    The red carpet, the pop of camera flashes and the evening dresses: no-one did glamour quite like Hollywood and now Tinsel Town is celebrating its centenary. For 100 years the city of Angels has been the international movie mecca and Hollywood has been the ultimate American Dream - which is why nobody would expect...
    • Human Interest
    • Germany, 2011
    • German, English, French
  • 1200° - The truth will survive

    a film by Dominique Othenin- Girard

    The Tauern tunnel, the Gotthard tunnel or the Montblanc tunnel – well known to us from holiday trips or from the news: these are vital veins for traffic, bottlenecks for a yearly increasing traffic load. The slightest disturbance in regular operations can have disastrous consequences here. As a result, the news...
    • Aglaia Szyszkowitz,...
    • Oliver Schündler,...
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, French, English
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    12 = I love you

    a film by Connie Walther

    For Bettina, a citizen of East Germany, a world falls apart when she is arrested by the State Security Police and accused of treasonable activity as a secret Agent. In endless interrogations she is questioned by Jan, a young officer who is ambitiously working on his career at the Ministry for Sate Security. Although...
    • Devid Striesow,...
    • Germany, 2008
    • German, English, French
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    12 winters

    a film by Thomas Stiller

    They're the aristocrats of bank robbing, with perfectly timed, elegantly choreographed attacks. No shooting, no bloodshed. Always in small-town branches, and always in the winter. Mike and Klaus, buddies since their prison days, have developed a nearly scientific technique of bank robbery designed to fool the cops...
    • Jürgen Vogel, Axel...
    • Thriller/Crime
    • Bettina Brokemper,...
    • Germany, 2008
    • German
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    14 Days to life

    a film by Roland Suso Richter

    Konrad von Seidnitz, star lawyer and careerist, has an office with his partner Axel Häring. As a publicity gag he serves a sentence of 14 days for unpaid parking tickets. The arrogant new inmate who boasts about his social connections (the Justice Minister's daughter in his fiancée) soon makes enemies among his...
    • Kai Wiesinger,...
    • Germany, 1996
    • German
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    1948 - Jewish Dream, Arabian Nightmare

    a film by Gabriela Hermer

    May 14th, 1948 was a fateful day for Jews and Arabs, a date whose repercussions continue to be felt to this very day. For the Jews, the founding of the state of Israel marks the end of 2000 years of exile. For the Palestinians, this date marks the start of the Nakba, "the disaster", the mass...
    • Germany, 2008
    • German, English
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    20,000 Cables Under The Sea

    a film by Gerhard Widmer, Michael Wolff

    At home and on the road, we have long since become accustomed to wireless internet, and generally-speaking we give barely a thought to how the incredible volumes of data that are coursing through our air manage to cross the world's oceans. The answer lies on the seabed in several million kilometres of very delicate...
    • Germany, 2010
    • German, English, French
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    a film by Hans-Christian Schmid

    The movie's plot is based on the true story of a group of young computer hackers from Hannover, Germany. In the late 1980s the orphaned Karl Koch invests his heritage in a flat and a home computer. At first he dials up to bulletin boards to discuss conspiracy theories inspired by his favorite novel, R.A. Wilson's...
    • August Diehl, Fabian...
    • Feature Film
    • Jakob Claussen,...
    • Germany, 1998
    • German, French
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    30 Carats Love

    a film by John Delbridge

    Julia is a photographer in Berlin and has just fallen in love with Percy, an adventurer with a dangerous job: Percy dives for diamonds off the coast of Port Sheldon, South Africa. Julia wants to do a picture book on Percy's exciting way of life, and has already found a publisher for it. But no sooner does she...
    • Marion Kracht,...
    • Markus Brunnemann,...
    • Germany, South...
    • German, English
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    48 Hours In Barcelona

    a film by David Carreras

    Carla has little use for chance. A charming, headstrong young woman, she likes to plan her life rather than leave it to chance. She's achieved a lot already: a great husband, a grand house, a comfortable life. But what she wants most of all is a child - and she's arranged for that, too. On her way to Quito to adopt...
    • Jessica Schwarz, Ximo...
    • Romance
    • Peter Nadermann,...
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, English, Spanish
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    4 Kings

    a film by Theresa von Eltz

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    GERMAN FILM AWARD 2016 (LOLA IN BRONZE) Alex, Lara, Fedja and Timo, four very different teens, have to spend Christmas in a psychiatric clinic for adolescents. Locked up with each other, their own quirks and an unconventional psychiatrist, they experience an unforgettable Christmas full of surprises, pain,...
    • Jella Haase, Moritz...
    • Drama
    • Benjamin Seikel,...
    • Germany, 2015
    • German, English
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    4 Pals And A Dog Called Mozart

    a film by Gabriele Heberling

    For Robby and his pals Alex, Hedwig and Lilly, summer just isn't summer if it doesn't have one big adventure in it, like saving the world. But this summer, saving a little dog named Mozart will do. The kids find Mozart next to Auntie Mimi, who fell off a ladder in her back yard. The ladder, however, was sabotaged:...
    • Alexander Gaul,...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Bernd Gaul, Günter...
    • Germany, 2003
    • German
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    500 Years of Saint Peter's

    a film by Ingo Langner

    “THOU ART PETER – and upon this rock I will build my church.”1506-2006: – 500 years of the New St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.April 18th 1506 saw the beginning of the end for the almost 1200-year-old St. Peter’s basilica on the Vatican Hill in Rome. For on this day, under the supervision of the chief architect Donato...
    • Religion
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, English
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    The rescue of the 33 Chilean miners from the San José mine on October 13th this year touched people all around the world. How could the men survive for so long? What actually happened underground? How did the miners cope with this extreme ordeal? Carlos Bugueño, the 23rd to be rescued and his friend, Pedro Cortez,...
    • Current Affairs
    • Germany, 2010
    • German
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    7 Dwarves - It's a men's thing

    a film by Sven Unterwaldt

    Beyond the Seven Mountains, in the depths of the enchanted forest live the most famous bachelors in history: The Seven Dwarves. Now dwarves are not gnomes or midgets in pointy caps, dwarves are men who live according to a strict code of honor. And one of the many popular misconceptions is that they are...
    • Otto Waalkes, Heinz...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Zipfelmuetzen Film,...
    • Germany, 2003
    • German, English
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    Abdullah Ibrahim - A Struggle For Love

    a film by Ciro Cappellari

    Abdullah Ibrahim, still known to many as Dollar Brand, is a bandleader, pianist, composer, improviser, Duke Ellington's spiritual and real-life successor, an icon of African music, a symbol of the transformation in South Africa, the living personification of the kind of jazz tradition that is conscious of its roots...
    • Portrait
    • Germany, 2006
    • German, English, French
  • About a Girl

    a film by Mark Monheim

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Charleen, 15, quick-witted and sassy, is Kurt Cobain’s biggest fan and wonders why “growing up” has to be so complicated. One day, feeling especially melodramatic and rebellious, she decides to pull the plug on her life. Luckily, she fails – and discovers what fun life and love can really be! This upbeat, feel-good...
    • Jasna Fritzi Bauer,...
    • Drama
    • Martin Rehbock
    • Germany, 2014
    • German, English
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    Above Us Only Sky

    a film by Jan Schomburg

    Available in High Definition 1080i
    Who was the man Martha loved and lived with for years? And can he simply be replaced by another? After her husband disappears, Martha begins to realize how little she knew him, and how his life with her was a charade. But instead of coming to terms with her loss, she meets another man who unwittingly keeps her bound...
    • Sandra Hüller, Georg...
    • Feature Film
    • Claudia Steffen,...
    • Germany, 2011
    • German, English
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    A Capital Investment

    a film by Ulrich König

    A Capital Investment Retired building contractor Arno is celebrating his 77th birthday, and once again his two daughters and their husbands are eyeing him with clinical detachment, estimating how much longer they must wait for their inheritance. But this year is different: Arno, a blusterous, cranky, yet...
    • Günter Pfitzmann,...
    • Regina Ziegler
    • Germany, 2001
    • German
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    Accidentally in Love

    a film by Mattias Tiefenbacher

    High-powered architect Robert Kant is about to sign a major contract with a Chinese firm, marry his boss’ daughter, and become a partner in his boss’ firm. By reaching for the stars, however, he ends up seeing them when he’s involved in a crash that triggers temporary amnesia. Though it’s bad enough that he has no...
    • Fritz Karl, Anna...
    • Romance
    • Kirsten Hager
    • Germany, 2010
    • German
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    A Charming Man

    a film by Bettina Woernle

    Barbara, mid 40s, mother of two teenage boys, loves life and can enjoy it even more now that she's just divorced her cheating husband of 18 years. Tempted by an Alpine ski vacation, the wealthy divorcée talks her friend Silke into joining her. And God knows Silke needs a time-out, especially from mourning over her...
    • Maruschka Detmers,...
    • Philipp Weinges,...
    • Germany, 2009
    • German
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    A Christmas Surprise

    a film by Karsten Wichniarz

    A Christmas Surprise It's old, the roof leaks, the floors creak – but it's nothing less than a palace for Anna Stolberg and her kids. Anna runs an orphanage in the run-down mansion she rents from Mr. Witt, and her kids are the dozen children she loves with all her heart. Shortly before Christmas, Anna gets mail from...
    • Witta Pohl, Ulrich...
    • Claudia Rittig
    • Germany, 2000
    • German
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    A Christmoose Carol

    a film by Ben Verbong

    What would you do, if a full-grown moose were to crash through your roof and land right smack in the middle of your living room? A moose, mind you that can speak. Answering to the name of “Mr. Moose”, he persists that he was on a test flight with Santa when he lost control of the sleigh and crashed. For young Bertil...
    • Mario Adorf, Anja...
    • Family Entertainment
    • Germany, 2005
    • German, English, French
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    Achternbusch - Portrait of an Artist

    a film by Andi Niessner

    Herbert Achternbusch, the prodigious painter, writer and filmmaker who turned 70 in 2008, remains one of the most creative and uncompromising German artists alive. Despite revoked awards and outright bans (“The Ghost” 1982) as well as financial difficulties, he never renounced his independence – all the way up to...
    • Human Interest
    • Germany, 2008
    • German, English
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    They are the most secretive, tight-lipped religious community of the Middle East: the Druze of the Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel. 300,000 to 400,000 are said to live in the Lebanon, predominantly in the mountain ranges of Chouf and around Mt. Hermon. Over many generations, the Druze have lived isolated lives in...
    • Germany, 2005
    • German